The BlkKnight is the 47th job of Minute Frontier.


The BlkKnight (also known as the Black Knight) is fully armored with grey plating and a purple cape that is seen behind his torso and under his legs. A single red eye is placed on the center of its forehead. Since it is fully covered, they are ambiguous of gender. The job is unlocked by defeating Death Knight and progressing to 38.6km.


The BlkKnight provides a very powerful asset with many physical skills and stat gains to help the player continue playing the game.

The BlkKnight has several powerful abilities, such as Rage and general physical boosters that help many weapons such as the Sword or Spear.

It should be noted that the weapon bonuses all contain either neutral bonuses or positive bonuses, making the BlkKnight a great base job for general play after LVLing becomes problematic.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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