The Bunny is the 25th job of Minute Frontier.


The Bunny wears a bunny costume, with a blue base for the torso, gray stockings on the legs and a cotton bunny tail on the lower torso. Their hair is blond and is covered with a headband that has two white bunny ears on it. The job is unlocked by defeating Rabbit Hare and progressing to 13.5km.


The Bunny is a rather specialized job, suggesting that the player uses the Knife and the Dice over every other weapon.

Like the Raver, there is a possibility to use the Bunny as an EXP supplement in the likes to the Priest for Natural Recovery. Move Exp will provide 1 EXP per level for each screen change, able to gain 100 EXP at LVL 100.

This EXP also scales with distance, so that moving to 0.1km would yeild 1 EXP regardless of level. Moving to 0.2km would then yield 2 EXP, increasing as distance from HOME increases until the level of Bunny is reached.

In contrast to Sleep Exp, Move Exp is a much more active skill that promotes offensive playstyles rather than promotion of idling on the adventure. EXP will also not go to waste when a LVL is approaching.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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