A Build (otherwise known as a Character Build) is a gameplay technique to produce an optimal character to go through and complete Minute Frontier. This can be split into two sub-categories: Stats -based and Weapon -based.

Note that builds are not an official game mechanic and can be absent from a normal playthrough.

Stats Based Builds

Stat Based Builds are founded on having Jobs that generate the best stats for their LVL, allowing for a more powerful character when LVLing up becomes problematic.

Jobs such as the Assassin and Kekkaishi are examples of the building process, having extremely specialized stats per LVL that allow for accelerated growth in comparison to other job options, thus leading to a faster overall experience with less risk of stats being less than needed.

Weapon Based Builds

Weapon Based Builds center around the seven different weapons in Minute Frontier, recommending to unlock and LVL specific classes based on the beneficial Abilities they have in order to optimize the character's weapon of choice.

Some Jobs are suggested to be used, even when they do not directly influence the main weapon, such as the Priest and the Natural Recovery ability.

The Hunter is an example of a weapon build Job, providing plenty of abilities for the Bow.

List of Builds

Name of Build Suggested Jobs Premise Benefits Downsides
Warrior Jobs that unlock abilities that directly increase Hammer and Sword, such as Fighter or Priest. Grants the use of Hammer as a main output of large burst damage, while the Sword is used for movement. Tanky to physical damage and allows for the Hammer to charge up power to defeat most bosses easily. Sword is a good middle ground weapon for damage and speed. Most early Sword/Hammer users gain little SPD or MEN, making magical enemies a problem.
Archer Jobs that unlock abilities that directly increase Bow and Knife, such as Thief or Hunter. Uses the Bow in order to deal large damage to bosses and tough enemies, while the Knife provides low damage and fast travel speed. Typically very fast and high in POW, combined with Priest to cover low HP, DEF and INT gains. Excellent base against Lucifer, dealing extra damage to flying enemies and having Light type options. Bow deals low damage compared to other passive and active weapons, such as Spear.
Oracle Jobs that relate with Staff and Dice, such as Magician and Raver. Focuses on the Staff to maximize its powerful blasts towards bosses, while the Dice is used for travel and general damage. When abilities are fully unlocked, the Staff becomes a great elemental damage source. With high gains of LUK that is common with most magic jobs, the Dice can be used as a good, fast damage source. Low POW gains, rendering other weapons useless. Needs source of HP and DEF in early game.
Harpooner Jobs that benefit the Spear, such as Samurai and Monk. Centers around the Spear as the main weapon for damage and travel. The Spear is a great DPS weapon that can defeat bosses easily. It also defeat enemies quickly, allowing it to be a great travel weapon. Through Spear in particular allows for multiple enemy kills in a single blow, further increasing mobility Very specialized, lacks jobs that directly relate to the Spear in the early game.
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