The Dragoon is the 22nd job in Minute Frontier.


The Dragoon wears a full green dragon suit with wings on the back and a face hole in place of the dragon's mouth. The stomach of the suit is dark olive. The job is unlocked by defeating Dragon and progressing to 10.9km.


The Dragoon is mainly a Spear-oriented class, with numerous abilities that relate directly and indirectly to the weapon, weapon bonuses that have an extra 30% base damage increase and the great stat gains.

If using the Dragoon for other weapon play, the stats provided are fantastic for other builds; providing HP and defense as well as covering physical and even magical combat within the stat pool.

The abilities however provide little use for a non-Spear user and only matter to those who use the weapon. Otherwise, these abilities are great for a Spear, with eight abilities specific to the weapon.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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