The Geomancer is the 16th job in Minute Frontier.


The Geomancer is a magic user, wearing a blue sleeping cap ending in a white puff ball, a blue over cloak, a white undershirt and light brown shoes. The job is unlocked by defeating Tono and progressing to 4.5km.


The Geomancer, in kin to the Wizard and Sorceress, is a job centered around magical attacks rather than physical.

What makes the Geomancer viable is the ability to gain VIT as well as magical stats, providing defense to physical attackers where the other magic users would lack.

The elemental weapon play also sees some use, having an Aqua Lance and Leaf Rod to boost their respective types and deal bonus damage as INT increases, having the stat as a substitute for the lack of POW.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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