The Ghost is the 19th job in Minute Frontier.


The Ghost is a specter, wearing a white dress and tiara. Her hair is dark grey and her eyes are blood red. The job is unlocked by defeating Baloon Ghost and progressing to 7.5km.


The Ghost, similarly to the Girl, is a Job that is focused on Auto Moving rather than attributes or intense stat gains.

In terms of weaponry, the Ghost has several damage penalties and a single damage boost in the Staff. This helps justify the Auto-walk upon equipping the Staff, but leaves out every other weapon by doing so.

The stat gains are great, focusing on speed and magical ability rather than physical offense or defense. They also enhance both the Auto-walk and Staff play styles, making the Ghost a great final class for Staff builds.

In order to maximize the Ghost's auto-walk capabilities, it is highly suggested to use this job after unlocking and LVLing the Sage to pair with the Ranged Magic ability, thus attacking only once to defeat all the monsters and technically quadruple your travel speed.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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