The Hero is the 48th job of Minute Frontier.


The Hero is a gender ambiguous job that wears a red jump suit, gray utility belt and green shoulder pads. They wear a helmet that has two white "antennae" on the front of the head and large green insect-like eyes. The job is unlocked by defeating Killer Ant and progressing to 39.6km.


The Hero is a physical-oriented job that excels with the Knife and Bow, with several abilities and bonuses that boost their performance.

Also included with the abilities is Guts, which allows the player to absorb more damage before death and possibly finish off a difficult enemy.

The Hero is the recommended class in order to effectively fight Lucifer. Its high Bow basic multiplier coupled with his light element LASER GUN gives him a huge advantage against him, much like the Robot job.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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