The HolyNight is the 51st job of Minute Frontier.


The HolyNight is a knight that wears a white and gray tunic, brown shoes and blue cape. Their hair is golden and lengthy. The job is unlocked when defeating Ice Knight and progressing to 42.6km.


The HolyNight provides a well balanced mix of defensive and offensive traits, gaining offensive stats like POW, SPD and INT at double the rate of the remaining stats per LVL.

Weapon bonuses support Sword and Knife-play, with up to 25% bonus damage at base bonus. Offensive abilities further benefit Swordplay.

A majority of the HolyNight's abilities pertain to defensive buffs like Guts and Guard Ups, making it an excellent job to LVL UP when challenging higher level worlds when natural defenses cannot keep up to the damage of enemies.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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