The Kekkaishi is the 23rd job in Minute Frontier.


The Kekkaishi wears a white kimono that is red from the waist down and has purple highlights on each arm. Their black hair is tied back by a purple hair band to form a long ponytail. The job is unlocked by defeating Salamander and progressing to 11.9km.


The Kekkaishi is the magical counterpart to the Geomancer, focusing on defense over magical output. Instead of VIT however, MEN is used in mass.

The stats are rather extreme, gaining 5 points per LVL of MEN, allowing for immense magic damage absorption that most magical jobs miss out on. The stats can also be used to supplement MEN to other builds, making the job a viable option in most playthroughs.

Abilities and bonus highly suggest Staff play, allowing for intense magic attacks. This allows for intense magic on its own, even more so when paired with the fantastic MEN gains to defend against enemy attacks.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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