The MgcKnight is the 34th job of Minute Frontier.


The MgcKnight (also known as the Magic Knight) wears a white keffiyeh on their head that covers its neck. The torso is covered with a deep red tunic that ends with white trim and brown shoes. The job is unlocked by defeating Anubis and progressing to 23.1km.


The MgcKnight is a fantastic job to take and use for virtually any offensive build due to his well covered stats and wide weapon bonuses.

With a stat gain of both POW and INT, the MgcKnight is one of the few physical-magical hybrid jobs that allow for bonus damage from enemy elements while dealing great base damage with normal physical attacks.

Considering the abilities and bonuses, the best weapons to use are obviously the Sword, Knife and Spear due to their elemental attributes. If only for using one of the three, the power is generally better than most other jobs.

However, when using each in equal proportion and in accord to enemy typing, the MgcKnight's arsenal of weapons allow for full coverage of the Water, Earth and Fire weaknesses, making him a phenomenal job to use as an end game base when LVLs are difficult to encounter.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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