The Mole is the 49th job of Minute Frontier.


The Mole is a large humanoid mole that wears a bright yellow construction helmet with a green cross and markings on the front and back of the helmet. Its fur is chocolate brown and has a large red spot on its chest. The job are unlocked by defeating Moleman and progressing to 40.6km.


The Mole is a rather gimmicky job, focusing on the Sword, Knife and Hammer with a series of bonus ups and natural bonuses.

As far as stats are concerned, the Mole is a physical-based attacker that highly supports the Sword and Knife, while granting an extra 5% boost to the Hammer for compensation.

If not for the stats or abilities, the Mole has one major asset that could be desirable to late game players: faster movement speed with the Triple Movement of the Sword.

Though not making the character move across the screen thrice as fast, while the Sword is active the km span from one screen to another is increased from 0.1km to 0.3km, effectively tripling the distance covered while in use and cutting the time spent traveling from one end of a world to the other to a third of what would normally be acquired.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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