The Monk is the 14th job in Minute Frontier.


The Monk is completely bald, wears read pants, brown shoes and has a single black hair on the back of his head. The job is unlocked by defeating Goblin Load and progressing to 2.3km.


The Monk provides players with the essential bases for a physical play style, with many physical related abilities, stats and weapon bonuses.

Another important ability of the Monk is Move Recovery. By moving to another screen, the player heals some HP, depending on the level of the skill.

Weapons such as the Spear or the Sword are most prominent due to their high bonuses and the inclusion of Spear-related abilities

Move Recovery is arguably obsolete to the Bloodsucker ability of the Vampire, providing 500 HP per screen at LVL 100 where Bloodsucker provides 800. What benefits Move Recovery is consistency, where screens with no enemies such as INNS or boss battles limit Bloodsucker's potency, as well as having bonus damage in the form of a Pet that deals a finishing blow, wasting the Blooduscker trigger and healing no HP.

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