The Necrmncr is the 24th job of Minute Frontier.


The Necrmncr (also known as the Necromancer), is a magic user that wears a royal purple jester's hat with two drooping sections on each side of the head, ending in yellow bells. The body is covered by the purple suit. The job is unlocked by defeating Gargoyle and progressing to 12.7km.


The Necrmncr is very similar to the previous job, the Kekkaishi, as both have two main stats in magical abilities while having little in their other stats.

The stats of the Necrmncr are very attractive for most players that use or fully depend on the Staff, since the INT gain per level is one of the highest out of all the classes in Minute Frontier.

Staff abilities such as Staff Impact and even two Staff Motion Up are also present, making this job a must for maxing out the potential damage for the Staff.

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