The Raver is the 10th job of Minute Frontier.


The Raver wears a pink cap with a white ball on the top, pink suit with a large white collar below er head, brown hair and white shoes. The job is unlocked at the beginning of the game, but must be changed over to inside a Temple.


The Raver is not particularly important or powerful in comparison to the rest of the initial roster of Jobs, having less damage in all weapons but one: Dice. Further abilities are also related closely to Dice, with only one that is not directly related.

If not for the Dice, the Raver can be used as an EXP supplement with the introduction of Sleep EXP.

Sleep EXP works in a similar manner to Sleep Recovery, generating the related resource while the game is currently not being played. This also includes playing on a different save file.

While idle, Sleep EXP produces 1 EXP per minute for both the character and any pet following the character. When the EXP reaches the Next LVL however, it will stop adding EXP and instead leave the character at 1 EXP to Next LVL.

This cap rule only applies to the character, as pets will automatically LVL up and not stop when reaching a LVL up.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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