The Robot is the 31st job of Minute Frontier.


The Robot is an android, with a completely grey metal body, red eyes, yellow core on its chest and dark grey segments on its head. The job is unlocked by defeating Machine B and progressing to 19.7km.


The Robot is somewhat of a merge between the Assassin and the Gardner, focusing on offense and defense in relation to stats and supports weapons that aren't focused on by the previous jobs, the Hammer and the Bow.

The Robot oddly has no abilities until LVL 60 and has plenty of other abilities afterward, making it a difficult task to unlock the final abilities since the payoff leading to those abilities begins very bleakly in terms of ability gain.

The Robot is the recommended class in order to effectively fight Lucifer. Its high Bow basic multiplier coupled with his light element LASER GUN gives him a huge advantage against him, much like the Hero and Alien jobs.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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