The Sorceress is the 12th job of Minute Frontier.


The Sorceress is a magic user that wears a long white dress that is shrouded by long blue hair at the bottom. On their head are two white horns that appear to jut out both sides. The job is unlocked at the beginning of the game, but must be changed over to inside a Temple.


The Sorceress is very similar to the Wizard in terms of stats and bonuses, focusing on magical combat instead of the physical. Though the INT and MEN gains are halved in comparison to the Wizard, the Sorceress has an increase of HP, allowing for a character to gain some general defense alongside the magical.

They also has a Monk Staff, allowing for Light damage to fend off Dark enemies.

Abilities on the other hand leave much to be desired; having only three and being so spread out from each other. Other than the generic magic buffs, Bless Recovery is presented as the unique ability of the Sorceress, healing upon a LVL up.

Bless Recovery is arguably the worst healing method for any point of the game: Natural, Bloodsucker, Move and Sleep Recoveries will happen much more frequently at any point of the game. Usefulness begins to become even more unlikely since later LVLs will require more time to complete and have more HP to heal, resulting in spending LVL in order to make the healing viable. This leads to a complete paradox, having to spend LVLs in order to keep viability ends up crippling the player in the late game.

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