You can increase your Stats by leveling up your Jobs. Hover over stats for more explanation.


Name Description
POW Physical Attack Power
VIT Physical Defense Power
SPD Ennemy Attack Interval
INT Magic Attack Power + Elemental Attack Power
MEN Magic Defense Power + Critical Ratio
LUK Weapon Parts Drop Ratio
WIL Only seen in an enemy's stat page. Represents the enemy's MEN. [1]
  1. Reddit discussion on stats


from divvyo's website

All physical weapons (Sword, Knife, Hammer, Spear, Bow) follow the same formula:

Damage = Base Multiplier * (POW + 2 * Weapon LVL) * Weapon Bonus * PAU LVL * 1.025

PAU is the Physical Attack Up ability

The Base Multiplier for the weapons are as follows:

Sword: 2 for the big attacks, 0.9 for smaller attacks

Knife: 0.8

Hammer: 1.5 + 0.5 for every tap (exemple : 1 tap = 2, 2 taps = 2.5, etc.)

Spear: up to 3.6 (based on time held)

Bow: up to 3.6 (based on aim)

Weapon Bonus depends on your current job with base weapon bonus and the LVL of the corresponding weapon bonus up ability. Your weapon bonus multipliers can be found in the weapon section of the game menu.

The Staff follows a similar formula with a base multiplier of 12:

Damage = 12 * (INT + 2 * Staff LVL) * Weapon Bonus * MAU LVL * 1.025

MAU is the Magical Attack Up ability

The Dice has its own complex formula:

Damage = (32 * Dice LVL / 3 + 13 * (POW + LUK * 2) / 6) * Weapon Bonus * PAU LVL * 1.025 * (Roll / 6)

The most interesting feature of this formula is that an increase in LUK gives twice as much damage as an increase in POW.

Moreover Dice LVL (you get with weapon drops, influenced by LUK) increases damage more than twice as much as LUK.

Some weapons varients have an element added to them which increases damage approximately as follow :

Elemental Damage = INT * (1 + Elemental Up LVL * 0.02) / 5


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