The Summoner is the 45th job of Minute Frontier.


The Summoner wears a dark beige cloak covering their brown dress. They have long yellow hair tied back into a ponytail and has a single white horn on the front of the head. The job is unlocked after defeating Devils Gate and progressing to 36.6 km.


The Summoner is a magical job that provides menial stat gains per level, several elemental weapons that are slightly diminished by negative weapon bonuses and provides a unique ability: Summons.

Summons is one of the first abilities unlocked by LVLing up the Summoner, which allows the player to deal extra damage through shadow partners. These shadows are invoked by chance, attacking like a normal ally without being with you on the journey. Shadow partners take the form and stats of whatever monsters are left within the Pet Boarding.

With the ability to have a free pet slot and have damaging partners simultaneously, LVLing with the Warewolf's Alone ability grants both the bonus damage of the character and bonus damage from pets.

If the player is not interested in the Summons ability, then the Summoner provides lackluster stat growth, weapon bonuses and variety in abilities. These weapons should be used only to exploit elemental benefits, as they have lesser damage and lack a natural source of POW, forcing the player to use other jobs to gain sufficient POW.

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