The Tamer is the 20th job in Minute Frontier.


The Tamer is primitive, wearing a dull green shirt with a green emblem on the chest. It has large brown hair with two white horns that jut from both sides of the head. The job is unlocked by defeating Naumanni and progressing to 8.7km.


The Tamer is a rather plain class, providing defense buffs and simple weapon bonuses.

Stat-wise, the Tamer provides defense and rounded stats, catering to no specific build or play style.

Weapon bonuses suggest using the Sword or the Spear, allowing the defense stats to take place and support the Spear pay style.

The main ability and general draw to the Tamer is his Enemy Charm ability, able to make more pets as he levels up. Whether or not the player needs or wants a pet, spending LVLs to gain pets is unadvised since pets are typically easy to collect naturally and grinding for a specific pet is a much more time efficient method in the long run in terms of LVLing.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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