The Vampire is the 18th job in Minute Frontier.


The Vampire is a female vampire, wearing a large black cloak and red necklace. Her hair is white and her eyes are blood red. She is unlocked by defeating Skull Knight and progressing to 6.5km.


The Vampire is a very Knife-oriented job, able to provide stats and several abilities that nurture the Knife.

General stats focus on a fast and fragile build, providing no HP or VIT on LVLing up in favor for high SPD, POW and bonuses for physical weapons.

Knife is seen as a major weapon for the Vampire, sharing her elemental typing, supported strongly by the gameplay style provided by the stats and numerous abilities that benefit its elemental attribute.

A key ability of the Vampire is Bloodsucker, able to heal some HP upon defeating an enemy. This ability tends to pair well with and even stand up to the Priest's Natural Recovery, healing 200 HP for every enemy and totaling to 800 combined HP for each screen of four enemies.

The weakness of this ability is boss screens with only one enemy and INNS, as it is not counted to the healing effect of the screen and no enemies result in no healing.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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