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|previous = [[Onmyoji|ONMIYOJI]]|next = [[Brave|BRAVE]]

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The Villager is the 1st job of Minute Frontier.

Overview Edit

The Villager is plain, with hazel hair, green shirt, brown pants and shoes. It is one of the first Job archetypes to be unlocked, and is selected at the beginning of a new game at 0.0 km.

Strategy Edit

The Villager is, just as its appearance, very plain and basic. Leveling up the job will yield no extra abilities until LVL 100 and the stats generated per level is very unfocused and comparatively lacking to the Brave job archetype.

What is beneficial in using and leveling up the Villager is the Sleep Recovery ability and the lack of weapon bonus.

Sleep Recovery is a major asset for healing off damage in the very early game, during breaks and at Inns. As a sole healing source, it is highly unadvised to do so as the Natural Recovery of the Priest is far superior for general gameplay.

Having a lack of weapon bonus can be seen as a negative, but keep in mind that the Villager posses no negative bonus multiplier as well. This allows for a much more varied gameplay style without restricting a weapon type or relying on a single weapon, but instead letting the player have a blank slate and allow for any weapon at any time with no cost of damage.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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