The Werewolf is the 44th job of Minute Frontier.


The Werewolf is a gender ambiguous lycan that wears only a brown loin cloth. Its body is covered with light tan fur and large gray hair on its head and chest. The job is unlocked by defeating Werewolf and progressing to 35.6km.


The Werewolf is a physical powerhouse, granting two weapons 1.25 bonuses and having superb physical stats.

The abilities of the Werewolf are the highlight of the job, providing Alone, Rage and Guts alongside general physical buffs.

Alone plays a key role in the late game, as a pet's damage output and growth slows in relation to enemy monsters. Sacrificing minor pet damage for increased power can be beneficial in this case.

Rage and Guts boost damage and defense at low HP, allowing for the player to finish off tough enemies before they are killed.

For more information on strategy, look at Character Builds.

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